I am planning to return to this blog site. I have been with Typepad for almost a year, and have found it much more frustrating that blogger. I had gone there initially to get rid of the same said frustration. So not accomplishing that at all, instead adding to it. So I am returning here in the next few days. The bog at Typepad will continue through August, but after that will disappear.

I will shortly be bringing my items to the right up-to-date. Thanks for reading and for continuing on with me.

3 thoughts on “Returning

  • Hey Iris…I plan on calling you when I am in the area. What no Hofmann Hot Dogs? I must have Hofmann! Talk to you soon. Have a blessed day:)

  • Hydes may have gone back to Hoffmans. The public raised quite an out-cry when they initially switched. However, there are Hoffman hot dogs around (even if not at Hydes?). Hoffmans have their own hot dog places — two I know of. One in Mattydale and one in the Dewitt area on Bridge St.

    I look forward to your call.

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