Prayer as Foundational

Prayer is not an option for a person who follows Jesus Christ. My students know that I even hesitate to use the word “prayer” because so many do not know what it means. It is not a form, it is not a set of words (though it involves words some of the time), it is not a formula. Many, many books have been written on prayer and I have a lot of them in my library. However, everyone of them fall far short of the truth of prayer. 

It is impossible to describe and it is impossible to live in the Holy Spirit without it. However, it is the easiest so called “discipline” of the Christian life. It is the easiest, because all one does is just turn the mind and the heart and say “Jesus.” Amazingly it can be said out loud, silent, or simply an impetus of the heart — and He’s immediately alert to us. Now He is is always with us so we do not have to summon Him. He is always listening, so we do not have to get his attention. Just a turning of the attention and He is very present. 
Verbal prayer is needful at times, but not always. Sometimes the sweetest time with Him (which is what I call prayer) is simply becoming quiet and listening to what He will share with me. His Word is always His springboard and the main source of His sharing, yet He is exceedingly personal (since He knows the number of the hairs of our heads) and brings deep contentment in our moments. 
I would just encourage you to let Him love you and include you. He will and much more than that! His word just makes it very simply “Draw near.”  His throne is called “the throne of grace” in Hebrews. Now what could be better than that?!
Use a form, or a formula, or whatever you choose, or none at all. Just be with Him and share yourself. That is all He wants from you in any moment. 

5 thoughts on “Prayer as Foundational

  • As you shared, when we speak to Him, He is immediately there, hearing us. I’m sure He longs for us to reach the point that when He speaks, we are (always) immediately there and hearing Him!

  • Oh yes! Won’t it be wonderful when many of us do just that! The invitation is so open from His heart.
    Thank you Renna for visiting. You bless me.

  • Very nice post! Makes me want to be one of your students. Without prayer, I shutter to think where I might be. Dear people were praying for me long before I knew the Lord.

    Once that connection is made with the Lord, it seems we just can’t get enough. He keeps us searching and looking for him. I have found it easier to pray than to listen, but I am still a work in progress and as I slow my life down and make more time for Him in it…that is when I recognize him in the small and in the big things. God is good!

  • Amen! I greatly appreciate your description of prayer. An inward turning, the easiest discipline, just the word Jesus, then hear.

    It is just as you describe it. Praise to Him and thank you for sharing!

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