A Bride Yearning

The following prose was written by one of my very bright and insightful students, Tina Hook. She and her husband are part of the Psalm 19 Staff and she regularly shares prose with me the Lord has inspired through her. I wanted to share this with you — with her permission, of course. (The photo is from the collection Diane Hernandez took during a recent retreat’s quiet time, again used by permission).

A bride yearning
Dressed in white
Hair gleaming down back
Unfettered, glistening
Curling down around
Feet upon the ground
Upon her head the bridegroom
Has set a circlet of pure gold 
Above her heart sapphires gleam
Upon her feet sandals of silver
Her face shines
showing the glory
Of the love within her
Raised in yearning
Chin tipped
Focus above
Upon the bridegroom
Who has come
To fetch her to His heart
His hands pierced 
Raised to embrace her face
In loving caress
Eyes of fire looking
Burning with intensity
Upon the face of His beloved
She decked in white
Drenched in oil
Running off the hem of her gown
To be ignited by His love
Always burning
Never consumed
In refining
Not destruction
Love shines
From burning eyes
Upon the head of His bride
Waiting, ready, prepared
And preparing for the return 
Of the King.

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