This is just one of the many, many blooms from my Azeliea plant my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day. It is a beautiful plant. What is so amazing is the detail in design and color in each one of the little blooms. How great is our God! He has created such absolutely beautiful things both in tiny expressions and in large expressions. I am constantly amazed, and the older I grow it just continues to impress me over and over again of His great love for each one of us. He lets us live in such a beautifully created world. It is absolutely amazing to me that He, being the great God He is, has such love for me.

I have the great joy of being quite busy in ministry during this next week and week-end so if I do not post again for a bit — that is why. Just a bit overwhelmed right now.  I so appreciate your comments. Some of you write them; those of you who know me personally usually just let me know when you see me. Thank you for reading and come back soon. 

3 thoughts on “Amazing!

  • Oh my! Iris, if I ever go to another Festival of Homiletics I’d love to have you join me. From what I can tell about you from your blog, parts would make you squirm…maybe…there were conversations I did not post.
    But mostly you’d love it, I suspect. Blessings on your ministry in days ahead.

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