Looking Toward

I know it is a strange title for an blog entry. I wanted it to be that way. I am finding as I live my life in Christ that what I am looking toward (at) will determine my focus for that day. What I am looking toward will determine how I view my circumstances, the people around me, the world’s events, and the most dangerous item — my view of Christ.

It is dangerous because if I view Him well everything changes. If I am looking toward Him and His nature of beauty and love; if I am impressed with His glory and ability to interrelate with me in my moments; if I am caught up in awe of the preciousness of His love that purchased me (and all of mankind); if I am aware of His breath on me and through me in each conversation; if I am looking to see Him at every turn and in each unfolding event; then my moments and days are full of brightness and hope. (I think He has called that grace). If, however, I take my circumstances as my cue and daily live bouncing emotionally on and off of them and the folk that create them, then I will reflect that in my fear, confusion, and hopelessness. That will create discouragement and a feeling of being unloved and uncared for.

So, what am I looking toward? I am coming to believe that my ability to become obedient in my moments is determined not by my will power, nor by how much I know or comprehend (understand), but by my image of Him as I “see” with the eyes of my heart. If He is indeed bigger and better and more glorious than anything, then I am empowered in His nature lived in me (by my birth in Him through the Holy Spirit) to communion with Him in His glorious nature and become as He is, (1 John 4:17) seeing with His eyes and able to live a life of abundance — having nothing to do with my circumstances or the people around me.

Oh it will affect my circumstances — but my circumstances will not effect my communion. This is true emotional stability.

Now just how “cool” is that!

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