Love Works Like Paint

1 Peter 4:8 “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

Paint, paint, paint! I have been covered in paint! Those who have been working to get this facility ready have all looked the same — all our clothes smeared with paint. As I have worked and painted and worked and painted, it occurred to me that paint works like love. It covers “stuff.”

You see the outside interior walls of this place are old. I mean old. They have been gnashed, pounded, filled, and scraped. They had been painted, but the paint, like the wall board, was old and looked it. Before we painted those walls, we filled the places that needed it and wall board was patched when the holes were large. This was done several times to make certain it was filled. Then the sanding, then more filling, then more sanding, and more filling, eventually all the wall was even with itself (or almost), and then the walls were wiped down so no dust remained. Then it was time for paint.

Now those of you who regularly re-decorate somewhere know the process better than I do. I was following instructions. As we began to put the primer on, an amazing thing happened. All the walls (new and old) took on a new look. It was hard to tell them apart. Then when we put the paint on top of the prime — they are beautiful — they are spotless — they are level — they are even — they are covered and they are absolutely beautiful in their clean new look.

Now our Lord Jesus does all this to us and for us in one fell swoop — His blood — His love. (Of course He makes the inside of us new too — but that is another post sometime). BAM! It is a completed work. Then He tells us to treat others as He has treated us. That means we use love like paint. We fill in the holes others have (make up for their lack–hummm its called “grace” I believe) and then cover them with the love the Lord has given us for them.

WOW! I just think that is wonderful. So I encourage you to do some painting in the lives of others. Our love covers a multitude of wrongs, if we will paint with it.

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