Known in Friendship

“The secret counsel of the LORD is for those who fear Him, and He reveals His covenant to them.” Psalm 25:14 HCSB

We know that as we dwell in friendships, especially close ones, we get to know one another deeply as time is spent together. In a Christian friendship much is shared and treasured as two hearts in friendship open and receive from one another’s heart. We all know this. There are reasons for our sharing deeply with only those we trust. Those are usually the ones who take the time to be with us and know us. Casual friendships are also treasured, but they do not hold the the same depth of personal sharing.

We are made like our Lord. This passage in Psalm 25 tells us (what Mark 4 and other passages also share with us), that our Lord loves to share with people who love to have Him share. He has secrets in His Word about Himself that He longs to share, but they can only be shared in-depth and therefore it takes time to listen and learn to know Him in those ways. He says those secrets are reserved for those who choose to take the time to allow Him to be Himself with them and show Himself to them. He loves to share and loves to listen to our sharing. I fear that all too often I am prone to do my part of the sharing, but do not take the time needed to allow Him to share Himself — not just for me to share with others, but for me to treasure in the depth of my friendship in Him. I am thankful for His forgiveness and grace. I know you are too.

I find myself wanting more of Him. Well, here is the answer to that. Lord I hear. I know you will help me when I want to run off and “do” instead of listen and treasure. I choose the later. Help me remember that is my choice.

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