Talk About Fruit!!!

A little bit different post today. Talk about fruit! WOW! I took this picture a couple of days ago in a friend’s garden. Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes — many, many of them hanging and ripening and looking luscious (and of course, they are sooooo… good).

My mind goes to the way our Lord set our world up to function. In Genesis 1:11 he placed seed in the plant. Then later when man was created, he was created with seed in him. In Genesis 3:15 our God says Eve has seed (prophecy of our Lord Jesus). So the entire creation was made to reproduce itself over and over again.

In Mark 4 Jesus tells us that the Word is the seed, and people are the ground. Later in 2 Corinthians 9: 6 the Holy Spirit through the apostle Paul tells us that if we only sow a little (implying the sowing of seed) we will only reap a little. In this passage it is referring to the money of the Corinthian people.

This is true in all things. If a farmer only plants a little bit of seed, his harvest is in proportion to his planting. This is just plain ole’ common sense. So we need to come back to the truth of this Scriptural principle. My harvest will be in proportion to my planting, whether it is teaching, loving, my words, sharing, encouraging others, giving money, investing in others … whatever. The Biblical principle holds. What we sow is what we will reap.

Seed is abundant. If it is not, then begin sowing what you have. It will become abundant. Let’s plant some seed. I want a harvest like these beautiful, delicious tomatoes, full, rich, abundant, able to feed and bless many.

Have a blessed day!

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