Such Encouragement!

Violet over at “Promptings” ( has given me the “Thinking blogger Award.” Thank you Violet. I am encouraged to keep writing. Your sweet responses to what I scratch out here are a deep, deep encouragement. Thank you. Now I am to give it to five more bloggers.

I send it to Better Bibles blog at, and although they may choose not to participate in the award, they really bless me with their daily insight into the language of the Scriptures.

Then to Rev Abi at for she always thinks through problems and issues with the heart of Jesus Christ and even though I might not always agree with her, she blesses me with her gentle spirit and her thinking.

To Candy at, who like me is infrequent with her posts, but they are always worth reading and enjoying and then to Bonnie at Her gentle musings and stunning photography are always soothing to me.

I know I could do 5, but most of the others I read already have been tagged with this at some point, so I will just do these four.

You all bless my life almost every day! You are from all over this continent, yet you reach into my life with goodness as you share your heart in Jesus with me. Bless you one and all.

To award winners:- Install the graphic somewhere on your own blog.- Now if you like you may pass the Thinking Blogger Award on to five more bloggers.

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