Today . .

A week ago today. . .
Unbelievable — such a change in one week. This is a scene off my balcony. A week ago we were covered in snow, but today it is 81 degrees. What a change in just a week. If you look carefully at the first photo, you will see some trees in beginning bloom. Also you can see some remaining snow in the parking lot.
I would really like to remember that when it comes to the “scenes” in my life. For some reason, we all have a great tendency to see today as if it will be here next week. Things can really change quickly when it is time to change.
I love the seasons in this part of the country — but sometimes they seem a bit strange — such is now and the past couple of weeks.
Lord, help us remember our circumstances will change when it is time — until then, help us to lean onYou and know all is in Your hands. That way, we will not be disappointed, nor will we fall into despair for You are truly in charge of all.

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