With. . .

This picture will remind many of what it will truly be like when the Lord Jesus greets them in Heaven. That is a wonderful, peaceful sentiment to hold. However, for a few minutes will you consider with me that it is not just then…but is now. Now when the Lord awakens you in the morning; now when He shares with your devotional time; now when He goes to work with you; now when He enjoys meals with you; now when He shares your family, friends, co-workers, and the person who cut you off in traffic; now when He wraps Himself around you before you sleep. NOW!

He is sharing with you, if indeed you are His. He longs for us to wake up and know that this is happening. There is not one moment, day, month or year, not one incident, not one person in our lives but what He is sharing that moment, etc… with us. When we have chosen Him, He does not just disappear while the rest of our life is happening. Instead, He is sharing in it all. He is doing it “with” us. I believe that is his heart-cry today. “Let me share in this with you.” If we can begin to envision this, then the comfort of the picture becomes an everyday comfort. The commission for my life today, becomes a act being shared with Him. Everything shared. There is no loneliness in that, no left-out in that, no lack of belonging in that.

He does not need us doing anything “for Him.” Instead, He desires us to do “with…” whatever that may be. He empowers and He guides; He just wants you (me too) with Him as He works His will through our lives and the lives of others.

Friend, look again at the picture, and let the comfort permeate your life, and let His presence be the presence you are aware of, every moment. How He loves us.

“Don’t you know you are the temple of the Holy Spirit?” “I will never leave you or forsake you…I am with you always.” True words from the one who is truth.

4 thoughts on “With. . .

  • Iris, your writing sure hit home today, and in fact, it’s the same topic I was discussing with the Lord just this morning. I wrote about it at Macromoments earlier, too. Later bumping into your post made me smile. God really wants that message driven home, apparently!

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently. You mentioned enjoying photography. When you have time, drop by Photo Buffet,a new photoblog I began in January at WordPress.

    I’m looking forward to reading more hear. You have a big message to share. Thank you.

  • Bonnie,
    I have seen the photo’s and they are wonderful. Thank you for commenting here, and for the encouragement. It goes a long way to helping me be more consistent in getting something on this blog. So many items of ministry seem to come first.

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