Wisdom and the Word

How very faithful our Lord is!!! After three week-ends of ministry away from home, I am delighted to be “at home” this morning and able to put some thoughts on my blog. I want to share just a bit of what I taught in our ministry’s Fall Conference a couple of week-ends ago. The entire conference was on receiving the wisdom of God.

We must always keep in mind that wisdom is always available for the asking, for those who ask in faith. (James 1:5-6) That being understood, there is a wisdom that is developed and given as we spend time with our Lord in His Word. We generally think of wisdom as the ability to use our knowledge correctly and appropriately. (First image) However, when we go to Proverbs 2:1-5 we find it coming out differently. (Second image)

We find that wisdom is given as a gift for those who receive, treasure, listen, cry, shout, dig our Lord’s Word, insight, discernment. As we receive His Word and intensify our search and “dig” through it, treasuring it and listening, wisdom is given as a gift. The fear of the Lord is also given. It is as if these are by-products of the treasuring of the Word. (I was first introduced to this concept through a very fine article by Michael Rodhouse at www.biblical-life.com. It is a good place to start looking at this concept).

To discover that wisdom is a gift for loving His word is a wonderful discovery. When I was 9 years old, my Dad told me to begin reading my New Testament through by reading one chapter each evening when I went to bed. He said, “You won’t understand a lot of it, and many times the names will be too hard for you to say, but read it anyway. Then by the end of the year you will have read your New Testament completely through.” My Dad was very precious to me, and his word was law in my heart. So I began my journey, and I am still on that journey with the Word. I have for most of my adult years read Bible through as my “daily manna.” Dad knew something I am just discovering.
If we will diligently read, study, and mediate on the Word, we will have a precious fear of the Lord in our persons, and the wisdom of God has an opportunity to lead and to guide. The Scriptures do say that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth, that the Lord is our teacher, and on and on. This kind of “knowledge” does not lead to arrogrance (1 Cor. 8:1) but instead provides guidance for a life in Him. The knowledge that comes first through the brain, is a a part of the transformation process of that very vital and ever to be used tool of the mind. However, it is not the main part of our journey. No matter how “old” we become by His grace in Him, we must always be open to what others in the body have learned — always be willing to expose the mind to good books and training. However, we have far too long made that the important part of our learning.
I am beginning to be convinced, that the preacher and teacher of the word are basically giving words to things the people should already “know” but not yet have words to express. This is a bit tough to explain in this expression, but I pray you will take Proverbs 2 and let the Lord show you the truth that I am trying to express. It is so encouraging!
I encourage you to read His word. We have for so long stumbled over what we do not understand. Receiving this understanding on the Word, means that we are given of Him on the basis of our choosing to treasure Him through His word. Now how awesome is that! Even when I do not “understand,” still He ministers Himself and His wisdom to me.

Grace, grace, grace — may we breathe it deeply as we read, study, meditate.

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