Scripture — Ultimate Importance

The Christian Scriptures are the primary text for Christian spirituality.
Christian spirituality is, in its entirety, rooted in and shaped by the
scriptural text. We don’t form our personal spiritual lives out of a random
assemblage of favorite texts in combination with individual circumstances;
we are formed by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the text of Holy
Scripture. God does not put us in charge of forming our personal
spirituality. We grow in accordance with the revealed Word implanted in us
by the Spirit. Eugene Peterson, Eat This Book,
p. 15

I am presently reading this book and finding it wonderful. I have read several of Dr. Peterson’s books in the past, and am finding this one superb. It hits a real chord in my spirit. Our present lack in the church of effective reading of Scripture, the placing the Scriptures on the “answers for my need” shelf, and such attitudes alarm me.

It is a matter of urgency that interest in our souls be matched by an interest
in our Scriptures — and for the same reason: they, Scripture and souls, are the
primary fields of operation of the Holy Spirit. p.17

How deeply we need to realize that our lives must be immersed into the Word, and not just use the Word as a little whipped cream on the top of our lives. The Word must define our lives, not our lives define the Word.

“Do you know the Lord?” That is a question that will be answered with a “yes” in many of our churches. Yet, if we begin to work with the Word, many have trouble knowing where to even find the book we are reading from. The current trend to get people and keep people by answering their needs has a limited ability to grow them in Him. We must use any honorable means to bring people to Him, and we must, by all means, use the Word to find answers in His love. However, at some point we must also be drawn to Him in Word — not just in feeling and in concept. I believe the Lord weeps over His people, when they think they know Him, but never read or study the Word by themselves. We say we love Him, yet have never bothered to discover the dimensions of His love for us through His revealed Word. It is like receiving a love letter from my husband, but never bothering to read it. It just made me feel good to receive it. We would all say “How sad.”

Beloved people of the Lord, let us truly love Him in deed — being purposefully discipled by His Word.

5 thoughts on “Scripture — Ultimate Importance

  • I was reading this post and was awe struck by how it so closely relates with the things I have been studying myself.

    My current study in Philippians over at Revived Writings has really put things in perspective for me. In the second chapter of Philippians Paul encourages us to have the same attitude as Christ, having love, being united in spirit and intent on one purpose.

    Christ knew the word and He used the word. We as Christians have the same responsibility to know and use it. In today’s churches there is such a focus on meeting peoples needs, designing programs that give them a perception of “hey I need to be here.” But sadly today’s churches have lost touch with the original spirit of fellowship and depth of knowledge that was so evident in the first century church.

    I am a musician, and involved in worship, for some time I have been troubled by the fact that so much of our modern praise and worship is so theologically shallow. I was reading a post by Steve Camp called Psalm, Hymns and Spiritual Noise. This is a good read for anyone who feels we have moved further away from the growing, nurturing meat of the word. I to believe it is time for us to move back to that place where God’s word not only inhabits it’s rightful place in society, but also it’s rightful place in our hearts.

  • Thanks James for reading and leaving a comment for me. I did go to your blog and read. Keep up the good work.

    It seems the Lord is trying to rouse His body to really want to know Him — and not just have “religion.” We would never have dreamed 30 years ago, that we would turn this new freedom in music and expression back to “religion.” Yet, His grace still covers. I am thankful.

    My husband, oldest son, and daughter are also musicians, both son and daughter are worship leaders in their respective churches. My husband is in charge of the back-up singers at our church. He taught public school high school choir for 39 years — so its a good spot for him.

    Again, thanks so for writing. Blessings in Him.

  • Thanks Bugblaster for the encouragement. I so appreciate you and your wife, and your willingness to write your hearts on paper. You encourage many.

    The Word is the final thing, and the untimate thing. Without it, there is no relationship with our Savior, for its pages unfold Him and give us His breath.


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