The Truth–About Submission

The truth — about submission is usually not seen as the Bible is read and applied. But there is a truth that is demonstrated throughout the pages of Scripture that is absolutely wonderful, yet awesome.

In a previous post, I wrote about the fact that submission is a gift and can only be given away — never forced. Obedience can be forced — the submission of the heart cannot be. It can be requested and required, but unless one wishes to be submissive, and give that gift of “coming under” to another, it is not done.

Now the “Truth” about submission (Biblically) is that the one who is submitted to is then required to turn and serve the one who has submitted. The same Lord who has required me to be submissive as a wife, has then required my husband to love me, provide for me, and to lay down his life for me. (Ephesians 5:22-33). It is in this passage, where the imagery of husband/ wife to Christ/church is most clearly stated.

When we review the Scriptures regarding the type of leaders the Lord told us to be, we see the same principle — becoming the least in order to serve those who have submitted to us. This “Truth” is what is most often abused, both in the church and in the home. In fact, when we embrace this truth, then we see the harder part is really laid upon the husband and/or leader.

The imagery of Christ and the church in the Ephesians passage is good to look at over and over again. In fact, when we understand that our Lord Jesus Christ is Lord and we are to submit to Him as such, then we see that if one wants to see Christ in today’s world, they must look at His Bride. In fact, if He is not seen (glorified) in her, then He is not seen nor glorified. He is to be the focal point of her love and adoration; He is also the one who empowers her life in every way.

He shows her off at every opportunity. She is the one who is seen. He is only seen in and through her. I wonder what changes would be made in our understanding of church leadership and home relationships, if we really took a good look.

He is our all — yet He is the one who is our servant in all things. He answers our prayers, heals our bodies, gives us all that is needed, both physically and emotionally — and is glorified when I am seen as His. When I stand to teach, when I help my neighbor, or whatever, He is seen — yet I am the one being seen and being touched. He is only seen when His Bride is seen.

To submit is to give ones will to another. To be submitted to is to be required to serve the other in a way their heart is empowered to live in a “seen” way.

Interesting isn’t it!

2 thoughts on “The Truth–About Submission

  • Submission is easy when I agree. It is when I don’t agree that my Jesus shows me what I am suppose to be doing. Praise God I am still a work in progress and he is faithful.

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