Entering into Finished — Part 2

In examining Genesis 2:1-3 and John 19:28-30 we discovered that our Lord entered into rest because all was finished. The concept of the “finished” explored leads us to understand that faith calls us to receive a work done while it is clearly evident that much work is yet ahead.

In our salvation, we understand this, for certainly nothing we can do or add could possibly get any thing done on our behalf. He is all that is necessary and when we receive the Lord Jesus Christ, all the righteousness He is becomes ours. (2 Cor. 5:21) However, as we live our lives in grace, we have a tendency to leave the concept of “finished,” and try to work the works of God.

The Scriptures clearly teach that He prepares good work for us to do, and that is neither threatened nor set aside with the understanding of “finished,” rather it is enriched.

The “work of God” is clearly stated is faith in Jesus Christ. (John 6:29) So trusting Him is our work. Therefore, when we begin to grasp the concept that all is truly “finished,” we begin to experience release. Release from pressure, performance, worry, anxiety, stress, and a multidue of emotions that will damage us both spiritually and physically.

“Rest” in Him is a by-product of “entering into finished.” Coming to a point in my heart where I choose to lay everything down, so He might begin to flow in me to such an extent that I begin to see His hand and join His work. Remember, Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. His emphasis was seeing His Father work, and joining Him. (John 5:19)

Our priorities would then be ordered. We would be released from the stress of trying, and be released into the joy of seeing. How awesome that would be.

How? The easiest and at the same time the hardest way possible. Lay me down and give up into Him. All of me, my cleverness, my mental capacity, my education, whatever — for some it will be jobs, families, etc… Whatever we have been assigned to do in our short time here, is to be laid down — and then worked in His power. Sounds so simple. It costs me my life — and it costs you yours.

He calls with an opportunity to “be as He is in this world.” (1 John 4:17b)

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