Holy Week

It is a busy week for us, but a good week of remembrance in Jesus Christ. He is remembered throughout the week with various activities in the traditional church, and those of us not considered traditional, enjoy it as well. I say “enjoy,” and maybe that is not the best term, but I always enjoy an “on purpose sharing time” with our Lord. He is awesome and ready to allow us to remember and experience a time of concentration in His ways of sacrifice and servant.

I am the CEO of an interdenominational Bible teaching ministry, and as such, am exposed to the multi-dimensional expressions of the larger Body of Christ. On Good Friday, I am one of the presenters in a series (there are 6 of us) on the last 7 sayings of Christ. This will be in a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, Anglican Church, and then later in the evening my own ministry will present a program involving our classical choir, worship ensemble, and me preaching. I appreciate your prayer for an effective time interdenominationally — loving the Lord together, and accepting one another in that love — all of this through the Word.

I love this time of the year. One of the ladies in my local church said to me yesterday, “Iris, Easter is much more exciting to me than Christmas.” I agreed with her. If we did not have a resurrection morning, then Christmas would not have the meaning it does for us. Our Lord came to die, to redeem, to give life through and beyond the grave. Our Good Friday times heighten our ability to receive the wonderful good news of Resurrection! How I praise Him!

I pray your week is one of enjoying Him and remembering how deeply and thoroughly He loves.

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