Well it’s Sunday evening and I have had a wonderful week. Part of its goodness has been the discovery of several very good blogs. I am enjoying the people I am meeting. It is rich to be able to discuss issues that matter with new people. This is especially true when the discussions are by thoughtful, caring, Christian minds.

Our minds are a very great treasure. We are instructed in the Word that the Word will transform them into tools that can and do think with God. That is absolutely awesome! I have several friends whose minds are being transformed, and I am amazed at the quality of their insightful work and the Biblical lives they lead. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the entire Body of Christ got just a little glimpse of what would happen if we really did what we talk about, and read the Word expecting our minds to not only understand, but actually begin to think differently?

Combine that habit with a valid “prayer closet� time with our Beloved Lord, and our behavior would begin to experience Romans 8 instead of Romans 7. Radical Christianity would become the norm as we learned to hear His voice clearly and became invested in the breath of the Spirit. The issues within the Body would evolve into actions that would really address the needs of our lost world while the good news of Jesus Christ would be our first thoughts to talk about with all.

Dreaming? Just a bit. But why not? It is what we teach and supposedly believe. There is really only one answer – might as well bend the knee to Him and begin to do what we talk about in church.

Thanks for reading. I will put some of those good blog addresses on my site, when I learn how. I am such a beginner that it’s a bit scary. But I will learn. At least I will try.

Have a good week. Would love for you to leave a comment.

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  • What a concept: “thinking with God.” That’ll preach! Here’s where I’d go with it:
    1. The delight of thinking with God
    2. The “danger” of thinking with God

  • Hey, thanks for the comment! You encourage me. “Thinking with God” is an experience that He is after for us. It is the place I see “pray without ceasing” fits. It makes every moment one of expectation, and rest. Neat. Yes, it will preach, and I like your next item: “The danger of thinking with God.” Now that is exciting to work with. Again, thank you for the comment and encouragement.

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