Obedience a Gateway

Obedience — a Gateway

As I walk my life out in the love of our Lord, I am noticing an interesting phenomenon. We are taught that “blessings follow obedience� and certainly in the Old Covenant that was a prominent part of the understanding. However, in the New Covenant, I find that we are blessed immeasurably just by being in Jesus Christ, and obedience is empowered in His Spirit. We obey out of blessing. Now, blessing upon blessing flows, but our purpose in obedience should never be to receive, but to enjoy His delight. That is “receiving� in its truest sense.

Now, that “interesting phenomenon� I mentioned above is seen when obedience occurs because of the delight in relationship with our Lord’s heart. Gates begin to open when they had seemed closed. As I choose to obey what is before me to obey, the gates about that open and release more and more empowerment in obedience. This is wonderful, and very interesting to me. It works almost like those computer games, which have “keys� that open to other types of games within the game.

This very morning I was encouraging one of my students on the phone to begin the task that was before them and then the “inspiration� would flow for the completion of the task. This is very true in writing. I may think I know what I am to write, but then just let me begin, and matters begin to unfold that I had no idea would been seen on paper. We think we must have it all mapped out (like our English teachers taught us to do – outline etc…), but really, if we will only sit at the computer and begin, it will flow into manifestation. It may need to be rearranged or rewritten many times, but if we will begin to write, pouring out our heart, it will take a shape of its own, and the Lord Himself oversees the matter.

So as we choose to walk in obedience let’s expect the Lord to empower our movement. It (whatever ‘It� is or needs to be) will begin to flow through open “gates� that lead us to joy in Him. So begin to obey that matter you know you should. Do not discount it as a “shoulda� and refuse to begin. Just begin. Even if there are several starts and stops. Just begin and watch the faithfulness of our Lord deliver for you on every hand. He loves to open gates. Let Him.

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