Learning to Identify in Spirit

It is not difficult at all to totally identify with flesh – we are clearly that! However, identifying with the Lord through the Holy Spirit is not how I have been trained.

When I look in a mirror, I see my Mom. Now my Mom went home to glory many years ago, yet I still see her in my image. I see her in the way I think and how I raised my children. I see my Dad in the way I teach and my love for study and writing.

My brother and I are good mixes of both parents. He is emotionally like my Mom, but I am emotionally like my Dad – yet he looks more like Dad, and I look more like Mom. I could go on and on because it is the way it is in  flesh.

Also, we identify with the fallen state of man – we came that way and continue to understand and identify with flesh. I think in the Beloved Body of our Lord – we do this too much.

As in our flesh appearance and emotional makeup, so we easily understand the broken and the bruised, all this in the redeemed and the fallen. There is a good thing in all that, as we must always remember we are flesh and to be on guard not to respond like flesh responds.

However, we need to begin to identify with the Father who has born us again into a living hope and with an incorruptible seed. Our heavenly Father loves us more than any flesh-blood family possibly could.

The first item we need to embrace is the truth of our Spirit-lineage. It is not as easy as it may seem, for it takes quite a bit of renewing for the mind to be willing to go there, at least for most of us to begin to move there quickly.

As we begin to receive our true lineage in Jesus Christ, much begins to unfold for us. Our identity in Jesus is a critical issue, and we as His body need to fully embrace and develop this dimension of our being.

So how do we begin to develop this dimension? There is no how-to. No one can outline this in a few “easy lessons.” The Lord, through the Holy Spirit, is the only key I know. It is like finally finding rest. The Aha……………that comes with a sigh. The desire to know and to learn is only a part of this. The majority is resting into Him.

The one “like this” I know is prayer. When we pray, we can worry and fearfully give our thoughts and hopes, and not accomplish anything, or we can rest into Him, and all is not only heard but entirely transferred. The rest that comes is total and empowering in health and life.

There is much more to write, but I must wait until He lets me know how to say what He wants to be put here. Thank you for joining me.