The Truth About Distance

Prayer through the centuries has been marked with the whole idea of man trying to get closer to God and trying to get God to be pleased enough to do something for us. We have done many things in the Church to try to become effective “prayer warriors,” and that is definitely needed.

However, we have seldom understood the fact that when we were born from above, Father, Son and Holy Spirit came to live within us. I know we know this, but we do not generally pray like we know this. In fact, God came to us.

When we became indwelt with Father, Son and Holy Spirit all definitions of distance ceased to be true. He is woven in the very fabric of our being, so because we are living with Him intimately, our prayer becomes our visiting with Him and in Him so fluently that we become woven even there. We are always heard and always answered, in the Holy Spirit. We have allowed our religious ideas to take root and they have a tendency to overrule the Word. We try to get closer and closer to Him, when He has completed that work entirely. We are called to trust Him in this and move within it with Him.

So our “prayer” becomes a richness of belonging and sharing. It is much deeper and much more complete than a “quiet time.” Although, one-on-one time daily is always advised, our relationship and our prayer becomes much more listening, talking together and “seeing” as we open to what He choses to show us through out our days, hours and moments.

This reality has been ours since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. However, most have not known to implement such an intimacy. He always waits on us. We must be willing recipients and participants. It is the way faith works.

We are to believe we are intimately close, tune in and begin to enjoy the relationship. He is not simply the God of the universe, He is the God who dwells with every believer ever enfolding us into Himself. Read Ephesians 1:1-14 to get an overall view of this placement if you have time. It would do us good to memorize that passage. It is all about being “in Christ.” Thank you Lord for accomplishing this for us. We receive and begin to be aware of your intimacy in us. Oh Lord! What joy awaits our discovery – here in Your heart. Make us aware that it pours over us daily as we choose to consciously live in Your heart.

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